BirdDog's Lead Qualification and Warm Transfer services Stop chasing your tail on lead qualification

Our call center can sniff out the best prospects for you.

You’ve trained your reps to educate and advise your customers and they know how to close the deal. So why are they wasting so much of their valuable time listening to a ringing phone, playing phone tag or simply talking to people who just aren’t interested? We can help! Our professional, highly trained, US-based call center team can do the leg work for you. Let our representatives respond to inquiries, qualify leads and transfer or set up an appointment for only those prospects that are truly interested in speaking to your team of sales experts.

Our reps are efficient at warming up and qualifying every lead we speak with and we are able to take these highly qualified contacts and either transfer them to your center or set up an appointment so you can follow up with them directly.

We will customize a program to meet your key metrics.

Our reps are efficient in warming up and qualifying every lead we speak with and we are able to transfer these highly qualified contacts directly to your center. We will customize a script tailored to your business and include additional questions to help ensure your team speaks with only the most qualified individuals. Have your sales team, advisors or representatives focus on working only the best leads and avoid the frustration that comes from countless attempts to make contact. This leads to higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction as your team can spend the bulk of their day doing what they do best.

Speed to lead is how we enable you to succeed.

Speed to lead is one of the most critical drivers of conversion. We have built our own custom dialing solution that allows us to get to prospects within minutes of them requesting information. This helps both contact and conversion rates and allows us to get to your leads before your competition.

Maximize your marketing spend with actionable data.

We have a robust reporting system available both online and through email reports that will allow you to track the success of the campaign. You will see how many people transferred successfully, the quantity and exact reasons for invalid leads and contact and conversion rates along with many other points of crucial data. You will be armed with valuable business intelligence that can help you to adjust your marketing spend to the partners that provide the best quality leads.

The program pays for itself. No hidden fees

We want to make the process easy and get your team focusing on what they like to do and what they do best – converting new customers.

Pricing is based on a low flat fee per lead that is tiered based on the amount of leads you have for us to call. The program will pay for itself with the cost savings of having your team do what they do best. Plus, you will have the confidence knowing that every lead is worked to its maximum potential, leading to more sales and higher conversion rates.