Recruitment Marketing & Talent Screening

Recruitment Marketing Services.

We generate Applicant Leads on our TierOne career advertising network for major nationwide companies that are looking to aggressively grow their loyal workforce. BirdDog employs tools that range from targeted full page ads, job postings to premium ad placements like “Featured Job of the Day” call outs with our top ranked network career portal sites to generate high quality job applicants for our clients.

Several of the executives on our team have either worked for or partnered with major players in the industry like and CareerBuilder so we know the recruitment business very well and can help your company too.

We have helped generate new candidates for companies that work in industries such as home services, grocery, ride share services, retail, the U.S. military and other large national employers.

We provide 100% transparency on where your ad runs with any one of our vetted sources for acquiring new applicants. Applicant targeting can be focused on any of your key demographics like education level, geography, prior work experience, veterans and skill set.

Best of all we offer creative pricing options like Cost-Per-Click and on a Cost Per Applicant basis so you can fill your new candidate pipeline with people that are interested in joining your team.

Candidate Screening and Qualification

Many companies find that they have too many applicants to sift through and are distracted by non-qualified submissions while trying to find the ideal employee. It is not unusual for Human Resources teams to not able to keep up with their hiring goals because of major screening bottlenecks. BirdDog offers applicant screening services through our award winning 150 person call center to follow up with qualified candidates to further screen them based on your custom questions. Candidates are then either scheduled for an interview with your recruiters, submitted into your applicant tracking system, directed to take additional assessment tests, or transferred directly to your recruiting team.

Our call center can also call on older lists of applicants you may have previously given up on to re-engage with them in an effort to get them back on track to join your team. You have already paid to acquire them as a candidate, why not try and see if they may be interested in joining your team?

BirdDog's applicant generation and call center screening services save employers time, money and keep their recruiting team's morale high by connecting them with pre-screened applicants that are truly qualified and interested in pursuing a career with you company.

Let us become your new best friend for Recruitment Marketing & Talent Screening. Contact us today!